About Access Digital Networks

Access Digital Networks Pty. Limited (ADN) is an Australian based and owned Telco and Internet Service Provider.


ADN was founded in 2005. The company was formed with a focus to provide small to large corporate customers an alternative service provider with a large emphasis on after sales support. At all times we maintain a ‘can-do’ attitude for all of our clients.


Access Digital Networks prides itself on customer service. Our network is built, managed and maintained by our partner Interactive Gateway Australia Pty Limited. Interactive Gateway Australia has provided Access Digital Networks with the ability to provide our customers with a high quality product that meets their specified needs.



The ADN network comprises of Cisco communications equipment and a broad MPLS network. ADN utilises carrier diverse high-capacity fibre optic links for upstream and local connectivity across the network. We provide connectivity in the form of Layer-2 interconnects, IP Transit and Peering connectivity to all major carriers both locally, nationally and internationally. We operate IP Transit peers to the major carriers as well as many peering points across Australia.