Data Storage

Access Digital Networks realise the importance of having your data secured and available when you want it.


Our data storage facilities offer you the ability to have your data backed up off-site at your choice of time increments. We offer a range of simple data backup services to full SAN replication and disaster recovery based services combined with colocation and/or private Dark Fibre and Ethernet connectivity.



  • High-availability e-commerce hosting
  • Data storage and sharing
  • Website security and backup
  • Data consistency and security
  • Streaming, Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise solutions
  • Specialist support and resources
  • Supporting Windows and Linux Systems


You can combine the best of dedicated and cloud technologies in a data storage solution that’s tailored to your business needs. Ensure data availability and security, control costs, and share uniļ¬ed data among your databases and applications.