Products & Services

Access Digital Networks  keep your employees connected to your business systems, each other and your customers 24/7. Increase employee productivity and customers’ satisfaction.


Access Digital provide a range of services from Broadband ADSL and ADSL2+ to Fibre Optic. We also provide Internet Data (IP Transit Services), hosting, dedicated servers, hosted platforms, co-location facilities and off-site data storage facilities.


Your business network matters. From the applications that drive your operation, to the data centers that store your data, the network is the underlying infrastructure that makes it all possible and is the veins of your business. We provide bandwidth services (Layer 2 Switched or Layer 3 Routed IP) to you with speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 1000Mbps and beyond. Our bandwidth is sold as pay-per-use or tiered (Unlimited) with or without burst capability and have 95th Percentile charging on most IP Transit services.


Access Digital Network services are fully scalable and can grow as your business evolves. It allows the flexibility to add features and services as they become available, continuing to add value to your business.